Learn the Guitar with your own qualified Music teacher

Guitar - Electric


Adam is a Guitar teacher and session player. He can play a wide variety of styles including electric guitar. Mon 3-6pm, Wed, Thur 9am-12 at £18 per lesson.



Guitar - Classical


Don is a classically trained guitarist. He loves teaching classical, tango, and rock guitar. Available Tues, Wed & Fri afternoons at £17 per lesson.





Buy Lessons

1. Decide the number of 30-mins, 45-mins (add 15min extras) or 1-hour lessons (use 2 30-min lessons) you want per week.

2. Increase the number of weeks and provide student info at the checkout. Consider a 10-week package for better lesson rates.

3. There's a £5 booking fee for each order.

Learn Guitar with Online Lessons


Learn guitar online with your own music teacher. The benefit of your own tutor is that they will give their student a diagnostic evaluation so the work can be targeted to fill in any missing gaps in a student's knowledge. They will also tailor lessons around what the student is inherently interested in. Students will improve their understanding of music to help them pass key exams. Sign up for a trial lesson with one of the teachers above and book a series of online music lessons with your chosen teacher.