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Free 3-minute Grammar Lesson

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Matthew explians the difference between 'a few' and ' a little'. Suitable for B1 (high pre-intermediate) students.

To book a trial with Matthew, for English or an Art class, click here.

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Hello Kai,

Thank you for your comment. The word cloud (noun) can countable or uncountable depending on how it is used. In this context, it is a plural countable noun. We can use a few with plural nouns that can be counted.

ex) one cloud, two clouds, three clouds...

There are a few clouds.

ex) one mountain, two mountains, three mountains...

There are a few mountains.

I hope this helps. If you would like to book some lessons with me, I would be happy to help you practise a few / a little. We could also look at when to use few / little without a.



Kai Põld
Kai Põld
Aug 03, 2020

Thank you! An excellent material. But what about a few with a plural noun.

Why a few cloudS?

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