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  1. Our tutors have university degrees, teaching qualifications, background checks, and many years of experience. We carefully select only the best teachers and deliver around 10,000 quality online lessons every year.

  2. Choose your tutor and book a trial lesson for only £1. 30-minute 1:1 lessons are then ~£15 for English language and ~£18 for GCSE and A-Level school subjects in 10-week packages or monthly plans.

Online English Tutor Anya delivers Online English Lessons so you can Learn English


# Lessons: 100

Native English teacher with 15 years' teaching experience. Great lessons for juniors or adults.

Learn English with Online Lessons and your English Tutor


# Lessons: 100

Native English teacher w/ 10 years' experience. Excellent online lessons for juniors or adults.

Learn English with Online Lessons and your English Tutor


# Lessons: 100

PGCE, DELTA and Masters qualified native teacher & ADOS with 25 yrs experience.

Learn Maths with Online Lessons and an Online Maths Tutor

Maths with Isabella

Isabella is a brilliant Maths tutor. For the last 6 years, she's been working with students aged 8-19 (KS2 - A-Level). She loves making lessons interesting, fun, and applicable to practical situations.

Learn Science with Online Lessons and your Science Tutor

Science with Sheryl

Sheryl is a fully qualified teacher of Applied Science with a BSc in Zoology from a Russell Group University. She has many years’ experience teaching Science subjects from KS2, GCSE and A-Level.

Learn Primary English and Maths with Online Lessons and your Primary Tutor

Primary with Rachel

Rachel is an excellent Primary school teacher with 4 years' experience who can help your child with Primary English and Maths, as well as help prepare for English and Maths KS2 tests.

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Laura is such a great teacher, my 10-year-old son loves to have his classes with Laura and he's learning fast. My son is more willing to speak in English and his vocabularies have been increased a lot since he has started his classes about half a year ago. Laura always teaches interesting topics and my son enjoys each class with her, I strongly recommended her!!



Chaitanya krishna uppu

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She had good knowledge in English and she was so cool and friendly. So, it became so easy for me to express my issues with English writing. And also she gave me a nice feedback with detail explanation of grammar which really helped me. Thanks fran for your help. :)




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My son has had a wonderful trial lesson with Adam. He is very excited to continue. The lesson was dynamic, fun and engaging. Thanks Adam!




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Refina is an excellent teacher, makes lesson enjoyable and we have seen a great progress in my daughter's school lessons. Highly recommended !

How do you say, 'I feel great' in French?

Learn Science with Online Lessons and your Science Tutor

French with Elisabeth

Elisabeth is a fabulous French teacher. She has many years experience teaching French to students from GCSE, to A-Levels and University students. She is fun and will get you laughing in French.


1:1 Online English Lessons UK and Online School Subject Lessons UK for all levels.

Our teachers provide high-quality online English lessons and online school subject lessons using Zoom, the popular video conferencing software They all have at least 4 years of experience teaching in top quality English schools here in the UK. Our teachers evaluate each student's English level in the trial and can guide students towards success in either Trinity or Cambridge exams like IELTS, now available online. If you want to prepare for IELTS, we recommend this free IELTS preparation course in conjunction with an Online Lesson Teacher.

Our teachers provide reports after 50 lessons and a certificate at the end of the course. Our 30-minute lessons are from 08:00 - 18:00 every half-hour. You can buy lessons by the week, in batches of 10 weeks, or as monthly subscriptions. We offer 2:1 lessons when we find a student of similar age and level. These lessons are 45mins long for the price of a 1:1 30-minute lesson which is also ideal for school groups. They provide a more authentic learning experience, ideal for our long-term students. All our teachers have background checks and safeguarding training. We recommend students learn in a living room and not in a bedroom for safeguarding purposes.


Learn English with Online lessons. Find an online English teacher for your child.

Do you want your child to benefit from learning English? Perhaps you want to help them with a forthcoming test? Or you want a regular lesson each week to develop their English. Online lessons will present English teachers with many years of experience for you to choose from. You can book a 20-minute trial above and continue learning English with lesson packages or monthly plans. Most students take 2-3 lessons per week. Our teachers cover for each other, so if a teacher can't make a lesson, another will step in and deliver the lesson. This guarantees continuity of service and is a big plus over tutor sites.


Fit online English and School Subject lessons for GCSE and A-Levels around your schedule

Although we all learned languages at school, we all felt it was a slightly strange place to learn a language. We only really learned by spending time in that country. With our zoom lessons, you can now be transported to the UK to meet one of our British teachers for 30 minutes or an hour at a time. Online English lessons are so easy and convenient. Lessons fit around your schedule and we can change lessons with 48 hours’ notice. We generally work from 08:00 to 18:00 London time, Monday – Saturday but do ask if you want lessons outside these times.


How Online Lessons can help you learn English and prepare you for GCSE and A-Levels

Online Lessons only uses teachers with teaching qualifications who have many years’ experience in British Council accredited schools here in the UK. They have taught English at all levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advance. They have background DBS checks from their school and with Online Lessons. Choose your native English teacher, have a trail, and book your lessons. We use Zoom, an easy to use video-conferencing application. Teachers speak directly to students or share their lesson materials using the shared screen function. We can send you a recording of key parts of lessons if you want to help with revision.  School Subject teachers have taught in Primary and Secondary Schools here in the UK and have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). 


Benefits of learning English and School Subjects like Maths, Science, French, Spanish and German with Online Lessons

  • With Online Lessons 1:1 English language lessons are £14-£17 per 30-minute lesson with a £5 booking fee. This compares to 1:1 English lessons that are £50-£70 per hour with a £50 registration fee in English language schools here in the UK. You can avoid booking fees by signing up for our monthly plans where a yearly quota of lessons is paid for in monthly installments and delivered by the week.

  • Get an extra 15 minutes free when you pair with another student at the same age and level. 45-minute lessons with another student offer a more authentic learning environment. You can listen to another person’s English and the teacher can set up better roleplays. You can also upgrade your 1:1 30-minute lesson to a 45-minute lesson for an extra £7 per lesson. 

  • Learning with a native English teacher gives you access to culture and idioms you may not meet in textbooks. Our teachers access websites from major museums to bring learning to life. For example, we use the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and The Royal Institution to teach children English through History, Art, and Science.

  • Schools work with us by giving small group classes of 3-8 students a 45-minute lesson with one of our English teachers for £29 per lesson. This is the perfect way to bring an authentic English voice into your classroom for discussions on art, culture, sport, or travel. We can also work on exam techniques or set up a weekly book club.

  • School Subject lessons are £17-£19 per 30-minute lesson with a £5 booking fee. This reflects the high rate charged by trained teachers in these subjects when preparing students for exams like GCSE and A-Level. Some language teachers of Spanish, German or French will offer lessons for students who are not preparing for exams at the lower English language rate.

  • Online Lessons offers you the opportunity to switch teachers or get your money back if you were happy with a particular individual lesson. We want you to learn English. If you don’t feel you are doing that, get in touch with our administrators who will go through your options.